Stephen Bailey
Wild Australian Bush Luxury - Bamurru Plains
Wild Australian Bush Luxury - Bamurru Plains
Stephen Bailey

Australia has dual appeal for most travellers, with the country providing a mix of wide open spaces and iconic city experiences. 

But for many luxury travellers, the wilderness is out of bounds. The perception is that while the cities are awash with high-end accommodation, there’s very little luxury in the outback. Bamurru Plains is helping to change this idea. 

Charlie Carlow is the owner of Wild Bush Luxury, who operate both Bamurru PLains and the similarly remote luxury lodge Arkaba, in the Flinders Ranges. He explains further.

“Australia is known for its iconic tourism sites – Sydney, Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef – but the country has such incredible biodiversity and landscapes, and finding a way to experience the bush and larn about its wildlife while still enjoying a few creature comforts is hard to find.”

Charlie Carlow

It’s a safari lodge set upon 300 square kilometres of savannah and floodplains, on the edge of Kakadu National Park. A more remote location you couldn’t possibly wish for, and there’s a real touch of style to the discovery here. 

Bamurru feels wild. It’s an extension of nature, a connection to the brilliant open space all around. And the experience is very much a safari. 

Suites overlook the plains and much like in Africa, they have mesh walls, enabling guests to hear, see and almost touch the wildlife. Like buffaloes, wallabies, kangaroos, brumbies, dingos, saltwater crocodiles (it’s really not good to actually touch the wildlife), plus fabulous bird life. 

“I want to showcase Australia in a style that is genuine, down to earth and understated in its luxury. This means getting off the beaten track, escaping the mainstream tourists and spending time with people.”

Charlie Carlow
Photo by Shaana McNaught

Bamurru is big on the safari experience, yet it’s actually a lot closer to urban life than many people expect, being three hours by road from Darwin. To switch between these contrasting worlds is part of the appeal, right down to bush spices and bush-tucker canapes being served in the restaurant. 

“We have one guest for every 7000 acres. That I think is true luxury! You cans witch off from the outside world – literally. With no mobile reception or wi-fi, you cannot be stressed by events in the outside world because they cannot reach you.”

Charlie Carlow

Bamurru has what so many people have been seeking over the last 18 months – space. It’s been a good season for them, especially in comparison to many accommodation options around the world. For Charlie the pandemic has had a bigger impact. 

“If some good comes out of the crisis that has engulfed the world this year, it is that there is a growing awareness around the world of the impact that we as humans have on our environment.  If you are going to travel around the world, much of your travel should be focused on going local and going natural.”

Charlie Carlow

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