Mariam Amini
United Airlines launch Covid travel scheduling tool
United Airlines launch Covid travel scheduling tool
Mariam Amini

United Airlines has joined the ranks of Emirates and Singapore Airlines after unveiling a new digital tool that allows passengers to prepare for travel during Covid-19 times.

The new Travel-Ready Center is both an app and web-based tool that offers one centralised platform for travellers to utilise when planning for their trip.

Once a customer has made a reservation, they will be able to access all the requirements they need to meet to travel in a simplified and cohesive list of steps.

The Travel-Ready Center will display all members of one’s travel party, alongside a colour-coded label identifying each passenger as either “requirements pending”, “verification needed” or “travel ready”.

Pressing onto each passenger’s name will then permit you to take the actionable step necessary to meet both the “Destination requirements” and “United’s requirements”.

For instance, if a negative PCR result has been listed as a requirement for entry into the outbound destination, then passengers are able to schedule a test directly from the app.

Documents displaying proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test result can also be uploaded onto the tool, and will then be subsequently verified by a United employee.

The app will alert passengers directly once they are ready to travel, so that they may head to the airport with the confidence that they have met all mandatory requirements.

As well as the mobile app, this entire process is also available through the airline’s website.

United are just the latest to make use of technology to create a more streamlined experience for their customers during the pandemic.

Not only do such solutions demystify the constantly-evolving situation for travellers, but they show both effort and initiative from airlines in the fight for a return to safe travel.