Stephen Bailey
This New Vietnam Hotel May Just be the Most Stylish in Asia
This New Vietnam Hotel May Just be the Most Stylish in Asia
Stephen Bailey

It’s always exciting when a design-focused hotel takes the plunge and sets up in a place yet to see tourists. After success in Cambodia and Namibia, Arnaud Zannier has just opened a property on a quiet beach in central Vietnam, near Quy Nho’n. 

The hotel is an area few have heard about, on the sand, past fishing villages and shrimp farms. It’s incredibly secluded and Zannier has brought his signature elegance and style to a new destination. 

Zannier Bai San Ho location

Similar to his properties in Cambodia and Namibia, Zannier combines local traditional architecture with splashes from the rest of the world. 

Zannier Bai San Ho opened in December 2020 with 73 free-standing villas. Three separate styles predominate across the villas as guests choose between rice paddies, green hilltops or the white beach. 

While the villas are not all uniquely designed, these three styles showcase Zannier’s ability to build five-star accommodation based on local architectural principles. 

A beach pool villa
A hill pool villa
The hotel reception area

Paddy field villas resemble traditional fisherman’s huts, including reclaimed wood floors and a complete sense of privacy. 

Hill pool villas borrow from local Ede architecture and are fashioned like traditional longhouses, then the beach pool villas take from the style of the Cham fishermen. 

While the foundations are Vietnamese the rest is from all over. Sepia-toned bliss, hints of Mexico, cues from old-world China, four-poster beds, swimming pools hidden in the forest, and very contemporary bathrooms. 

While the location is remote there are things to do, such as snorkeling, a temple blessing, or just walking out to a private picnic spot. 

While Vietnam is currently closed to almost all international visitors, Zannier Bai San Ho is destined to soon be on the hot list for travellers wanting style and tradition in Southeast Asia. 

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