Stephen Bailey
This is the best hotel in central Florence
This is the best hotel in central Florence
Stephen Bailey

Central Florence, the sights and sounds of the Renaissance, and then so much more as well. This is a city that transcends the centuries, every corner a new impression. So how do visitors get the best access to it all?

Inside Portrait Firenze

For a longer stay it’s great to spend time in a village outside Florence, away from the tourists. Then to travel into the city on a ten-minute train journey. That’s authentic, although not too practical. 

For a shorter stay it’s important to be central, in the heart of the city’s attractions. Except the hotels here are small and very poor value. So step forward Portrait Firenze, the very best hotel in the very heart of Florence. 

The style reflects Florence’s many influences

Floor to ceiling windows provide glorious views onto Ponte Vecchio (yes, that’s very famous bridge). Retro furniture and regal decor celebrates how Florence is more than the Renaissance. 

The style is smart and relaxed, timeless in showcasing how this city is more than the Renaissance. It’s a style that makes guests instantly feel at ease, yet also a style that leaves the necessary impression. 

Photos are central to the design

And it’s the location where Portrait Firenze really shines. A boutique hotel in the heart of Florence, an immersive base for exploring the city’s vibrant centre. Staying among it all means it’s easy to time visits to attractions and thereby miss the crowds. Plus there’s nothing more glorious than stepping out on the north bank and taking an evening stroll. 

It’s also spectacular in the dark

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