Mariam Amini
Sweeten your day with this traditional dessert workshop
Sweeten your day with this traditional dessert workshop
Mariam Amini

Few treats have the same standing as baklava on a global scale. Wrapped within each layer of filo dough is an expertly integrated dose of tradition.

With an origin that dates back to the Ottoman Empire, this ancient pastry dessert has survived the ultimate test of time. It is now also found in all corners of the world.

But what better way to cherish the story and appreciate its luscious taste, than with a baklava workshop in old Constantinople itself?

Your time in Turkey will never be sweeter, this much is a guarantee. Make your way through the streets of Istanbul, where a local chef waits to welcome you into his revered trade.

This is an intimate culinary experience in the heart of the old city. Engage in warm and pleasant chatter with your fellow foodie, as you prepare for class to officially commence.

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. Embrace the process and bake with passion – your taste buds will only thank you for it later.

Conversation remains enjoyable, and the atmosphere light-hearted. Let your native companion lead you through the secret heritage hidden behind these flavours.

For this is an indulgent delicacy that has truly travelled far. Each syrupy sheet carries with it the charms of old-world Turkish culture.

These are classical recipes, perfected over time. As you adorn the delightful snack further with some finely-ground nuts, your stomach growls softly in anticipation.

Baked with the pride and confidence of a centuries-old custom, it isn’t too long before the tray returns ready.

Now golden and crisp, the baklava looks even more enticing. Accept these perfectly stacked pieces as the most authentic of souvenirs. Expect sensory surprises behind each bite.

Savour the history cooked into these luscious little shapes. Relish the deliciously rich feeling of what will no doubt be a fondly remembered day.

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