Stephen Bailey
Record Demand for Private Jet Flights Set to Continue
Record Demand for Private Jet Flights Set to Continue
Stephen Bailey

A just-released survey suggests that the demand for private jets will continue to surge in the coming months and years. 69% of private jet customers expected to fly private more often post-Covid, than before the pandemic. 

The Covid pandemic has been disastrous for most commercial airlines. Global passenger traffic fell 65.9% in 2020. But private jet use has soared, so much so that European luxury tour operators are struggling to find jets for their customers. 

The report by Private Jet Card Comparisons makes some suggestions as to why private jet use is increasing, with the hassles of commercial airlines coming out as number one. 

Another factor is that the Covid pandemic has introduced a huge number of new flyers to private aviation. After experiencing the benefits, they are likely to fly private more often in the future. 

However, 19% of respondents said they had experienced a drop in service during the pandemic, including delays of around two to three hours. Private jet providers attribute this to record demand – quite simply, too many people want to fly private and there isn’t enough aircraft or even terminal capacity. 

Key to the surge in private jet use has been safety. Flyers do not encounter other groups, either on the plane or in the special private jet terminal. They aren’t likely to encounter last-minute cancellations either. Plus they can turn up 15 minutes before departure and always fly direct. 

Another factor has been an understanding that private jets are not only for the ultra elite. When a group of eight charter an eight-seater plane the flight costs are similar to the same eight passengers going first class on a scheduled flight. 

In the study, only 3% of respondents said they would fly less on private jets after the pandemic. 

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