Stephen Bailey
For the Best Santorini Sunset, Stay in This James Bond Villa
For the Best Santorini Sunset, Stay in This James Bond Villa
Stephen Bailey

The Santorini sunset. Probably the most famous sunset in the world. Even now, during the pandemic, hordes of tourists gather to watch colour changes upon the whitewashed houses. And even now, it’s getting more and more difficult to find privacy on this highly bucketlisted destination. 

Inside the five-bedroom villa

So welcome to the Nafsika Estate, a private villa accommodating ten guests, where the swimming pool comes with a more serene sunset view. This clifftop retreat provides complete seclusion, perched on a caldera between island villages, inaccessible and remote. 

The interiors come as a surprise, showcasing a more contemporary take on Cycladic design, the minimalist feel bringing an architectural style into the 21st century. It’s all very slickly done, the neat artworks combined with quintessentially Santorini white walls. Of course there’s a pool with a view. There are also two powder rooms and sweeping terraces. 

To the left is the cliff edge

Sure, it’s not cheap, but Santorini has been a place for splurging for 40 years now. There’s a helipad, babysitter, on-site chef and other staff tending to guests. And it’s easy to feel like a James Bond villain, savouring such refined exclusivity amid the crowds nearby. 

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