Mariam Amini
Discover a new summer playground in the heart of London
Discover a new summer playground in the heart of London
Mariam Amini

Restrictions have officially eased in England, though I’m sure you’re already well aware if you’re reading from the UK.

Granted, precautions should still be taken in certain situations, the recent rule changes offer Brits a chance to make the most of the summer.

This means enjoying the long sunny days and pleasant summer nights, reunited with family and friends at last.

And for those who live in London or are planning a trip to the capital in the next two months, a brand-new leisure playground presents extra allure.

Introducing London Wonderground, a recreational hub that has found its home on the former Earls Court Exhibition Centre 2 site.

Brought to you by UK-based live entertainment company Underbelly, the amusement space is free to enter and will be running from July 15 to September 26.

It features vintage rides, circus performances, a city beach and a wide array of London’s finest street food, outdoor pop-ups and bars.

The venue will also host late night comedy and live music shows, for which tickets are currently on sale.

This is the perfect summer playground to enjoy the warm days that lie ahead. And for those still weary of being in a crowd, fear not.

Markers and other safety measures remain in place to maintain hygiene at the event site, allowing those who wish to keep a distance feel comfortable and still have fun.

So whether you fancy an afternoon bite with your co-worker, a laid back evening among friends, or an exciting day out with the whole family, the dynamic new space offers guaranteed pleasure and plenty of thrills for all.

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