Mariam Amini
Brits top the list in TripAdvisor study of travellers craving trips abroad
Brits top the list in TripAdvisor study of travellers craving trips abroad
Mariam Amini

A recent TripAdvisor study into global travel trends found Brits top the list when it came to wanting an overseas trip.

The research covered six countries, including the UK, the US and Australia, and found that one in nine consumers had already booked an international holiday in 2021.

At 47%, nearly half of global consumers planned to head overseas at some point in the coming year. Just under a third had ruled out a trip abroad completely.

According to TripAdvisor, ‘this is an early signal that travellers are feeling increasingly confident that they will be able to travel abroad in 2021, at least in the back half of the year’.

The report also claimed that ‘already, the majority of hotel clicks on Trip Advisor for trips taking place from May onwards are to international destinations’.

However, the research did find that 74% of consumers still planned to take at least one domestic trip. Just under half hoped for two domestic trips, while 25% of Brits surveyed intended to take three overnight trips within the UK.

Germans also made it to the top of the list, with 85% of both Germans and Brits searching for international getaways.

This dropped to 53% for American travellers, and just 14% among Australians who are yet to find out when they will be able to leave the country again for leisure trips abroad.

Just over a quarter of those surveyed said they would only travel to a destination that required its visitors to be vaccinated.

Meanwhile, a whopping 77% said they would be more willing to travel abroad after receiving the vaccine. This rose to 86% for domestic travel.

The report anticipates a ‘significant recovery across the industry heading into the summer months’, making it clear that travellers are as desperate as ever for an international escape, and that the majority do remain hopeful.