Stephen Bailey
Autentico Hotels Provide the Authentic Italian Experience
Autentico Hotels Provide the Authentic Italian Experience
Stephen Bailey

Local is better in travel. Not only does it provide a better travel experience, it ensures more money stays in the communities you visit. It’s always more authentic to stay somewhere that’s truly local. Except finding these small family-run hotels can be difficult.

That’s something being solved by Beatriz Gimeno, the founder of Autentico Hotels, a collection of independent family-owned and run luxury Italian hotels. She spoke to Unorthodox Travel about her inspirations and favourites. 

Beatriz, how did the idea come about? 

We knew there were these amazing hoteliers running these incredible properties but there was so much confusion out there. These local hotel owners are so focused on the experience at the hotel they don’t have time to promote themselves and do any marketing. So we joined forces with five hotels at the beginning, to promote them on the main tourist markets. 

Give us a flavour of why these hotels are different.

It’s the people. A hotel has to offer fantastic service of course. There are these amazing families who are not only providing a fantastic hotel experience, but also a travel experience that guests won’t forget. You can stay in a Marriott anywhere in the world. That’s different to staying in a small property that’s been in the same family for many generations. 

How many properties are part of the Autentico collection?

Today we are very proud to have 17 properties, all of them family owned. Then we also have a collection of over 80 villas. All of them are in Italy but we are looking to expand into Spain and other countries in the coming years. 

Hotel Metropol, Venezia
Relais Il Falconiere & Spa, Cortona
Château Monfort, Milan
Golfo dei Poeti Relais & Spa, Montemarcello
Ca’ Nigra Lagoon Resort, Venice
Hotel Ville sull’Arno, Florence

How have you been able to keep things running during the pandemic?

Our approach was let’s keep promoting, not promoting because of course it was a hard time to travel, just to keep talking and develop the relationships.  Last year it was mainly domestic travel. European travel. Now we are planning to do some events and sales are coming back to normal. There’s also been incredible demand of private villas and I think this is a trend that will last for a long time, so we’re very happy about that. 

Italy is often described as many countries in one. Do you agree?

Yes, absolutely. I think it’s so important that guests experience the personality of a place. With our hotels you have the experience of a hotel with a family. The owners guide you around and tell you about the history. It’s sometimes like you are living your own movie. 

How do you think travel is going to change after the pandemic? 

What we see is that people want to spend more time in one place. They want to know a place better and have a more private experience. Also, I really believe there’s going to be a trend away from the big hotels, not only for safety and hygiene regions. 

Okay, we love it Beatrice. How do you book an Autentico Hotel?

We are super flexible and keep is super simple. You can book a hotel through us or also book directly with the property. Just always mention that you are with Autentico as that means the hotel will give you special amenities and touches that we know make the difference. 

You can view the full Autentico collection on their site at

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